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Default How to divide numbers in Excel?

I got an error trying to reply to your post.

Computers in general and Excel in particular use the slash operator (/) to
divide numbers. =1/2 returns 0.5

You can also use cell references, if A1 contains 24 and A2 contains 8 then
with the formula =A1/A2 in A3, then A3 returns 3.

Averages are also division the sum of a range of numbers divided by the
count of the numbers. We could useExcel's SUM and COUNT functions together
with the slash operator to get the mean average. Say the Cells C2 to C6
contain the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 The SUM(C2:C6)/COUNT(C2:C6) returns 3.

Alternatively, you could just the the AVERAGE function e.g =AVERAGE(C2:C6)

Muliplication uses the star operator (*) =7*8 returns 56.
If F3 contains 9 and F4 contains 6 then =F3*F4 returns 54

To get the power of a number use the carat (^) =2^3 = 8

To find the nth root is a bit harder to remember the cube root of 8 is found
with the formula =8^(1/3)

We put the 1/3 in brackets because the power will be calculated before the
so we would have 8^1 = 8 divided by 3 = 2.6667

Remember the rules of calculating, BODMAS
B Numbers in bracket done first
O (of) done next the power of, square root of sin(x) and so on.
D Division and M muliplication can be done in any order (unless in a bracket)
A Addition and S Subtraction are done last in any order unless one of them
is in a bracket.

Peter A
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