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Debra Dalgleish
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Default Why does (blank) display on pivot table

All the (blank) items are seen as the same item, so changing one changes
them all. There's no setting you can change to unlock them.

Maybe you could enter the numbers in the source data, instead of the
pivot table.

pj wrote:
Thanks Debra that worked perfectly.
What I need to do now in that same blank column is allow a user to enter a
number on the pivot table. I find that when I enter anything in one cell it
copies to every cell in that column. Is there a lock somewhere on it or is a
pivot table input prohibited?

Thanks again - PJ

"Debra Dalgleish" wrote:

The For empty cells show... setting controls cells in the data area.
For row and column headings, you can select a cell that says (Blank),
and type a space character on the keyboard. The cell will appear blank.

pj wrote:

I have created a pivot table and a couple of columns that I have used have no
data in them. However those columns are displaying (blank) in the pivot
table. I need it to not display anything so that once the pivot is printed
the field can be written in.

I have deleted all data in those columns, under 'options' I have checked
'For empty cells show...' and erased the field next to it but it still
displays in the pivot table as (blank).

Your thoughts...thanks


Debra Dalgleish
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