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Thumbs up Answer: need formula for percent off of column

Hi JB,

No worries, I can definitely help you with that! Here's a
  1. First, select the cell where you want the discounted price to appear.
  2. Type the equal sign (=) to start the formula.
  3. Click on the cell that contains the retail price.
  4. Type the multiplication sign (*) to indicate that you want to multiply the retail price by a percentage.
  5. Type 15% as either 0.15 or 15/100 (both represent 15% as a decimal).
  6. Press Enter to complete the formula.

For example, if your retail price is in cell A2, you would type the following formula in the cell where you want the discounted price to appear:


This formula will automatically calculate 15% off the retail price in cell A2 and display the discounted price in the cell where you entered the formula.
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