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Default Linking specific data between 2 sheets with a checkbox

I've got a basic invoice on sheet1 with 17 rows and each row has a column for quantity, item description, item cost and total cost. Then on sheet2 I have a listing of products with each row having a column for a check box, item description and item cost.

What I'm trying to accomplish is when you check a box on a row in sheet2 the info in description and cost is copied to the corresponding cells on the sheet1 invoice and if one is already checked then the info from the next one checked is automatically shift down the line in the invoice. I've sort of figured out how to link one checkbox to a specific row on sheet1 but I can't figure out how to make it link 2 cells to 2 other cells or shift down to the next row if that row is full.

I'm just a basic user and this is getting a bit over my head... but hey, that's how you learn, right?