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Has anyone attended Fred Pryor Seminars?

Would they be of benefit? Some are only lectures or would I get more
out of the hands on?

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Dave O
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Full disclosu I've never attended a Pryor seminar.

I looked at the Pryor website at "hands off" Excel seminars. The site
says "hands off" is a good idea because there is no data entry, error
correction, or waiting for slow people to catch up. So it's possible
this would be a good idea if they are going to say "Excel handles
numbers, and text, and this and that and the other. It can be used to
manipulate numbers like this and this and this, and to manipulate text
like that and that and that. You can also do this...and this... and
this... and that... and that... and that.

It seems like this would be of benefit depending on the level of Excel
knowledge you want. Back in the day, before Windows when all we had
was a command prompt, I read the DOS manual from cover to cover and
paid attention. Didn't try to memorize every slash and flag of every
function, but understood them. When I needed to perform some operation
I knew, roughly, what command would do that operation, or at least that
it was covered somehow. So at an overall "Excel might be useful to me
because it will do xxx" level, the seminar might be worthwhile.

If your goal is to be the Excel go-to guy in your office, then go to
the hands-on course that will advance you beyond your current skill
level, then get out and do stuff. The best way to learn Excel- and
cement that knowledge into your head to the extent that you know at a
cellular level that you can nest a MATCH function inside an INDEX
function and it will do a better job than VLOOKUP in a particular
situation- is to solve problems, find yourself in a hole and dig
yourself out. Which is not to say that you can't ask for help- you
just need to know who to ask, and where- I like the Excel newsgroups
for that reason.

Editorializing ends.

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