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Graeme -

You're welcome, of course. I should have pointed out that
your SUM() wrapper is not needed. Your equation will calculate fine
without it., Hash

In article ,
Graeme Crook wrote:

Hash - Thanks for this. It is a negative that I was after, and it seems
to be working fine.


Graeme -


Good Luck, Hash (you sure it's minus .025 that you want?)

In article
Graeme Crook
I am aware that Wildcards can't be used in IF statements, but can't
think of a way round this problem, and would appreciate some help.

The following function works as I want it to:

However, I would like to change the 0.25 to *.25 as any number could
end in the .25, and if it does I want to round it down for the
of the calculation. The only question is how can this be done, when
wildcards can't be used?!