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Default divide numbers up for a paper form

On Aug 23, 4:23*pm, Pete_UK wrote:
Suppose your calculated value is in A1. This will give you the integer


but if you need it as text then do this:


The following will give you the cents, with leading zeros preserved:


Hope this helps.


On Aug 23, 7:52*pm, Revenue wrote:

Ok, here are two separate form problems I have.

Form 1 requires whole dollars in one column, and the cents in

ie *27,651.09 needs to be * "27,651" in one column and "09" in the one
right next to it. These numbers are formula driven totals calculated
elsewhere that must be transformed for this one form, as archaic as
the form happens to be.

Form 2 is worse, this would take a number like "27,651.09" and divide
it one digit at a time for the approximate box on the printed form.

ie * 2|7|6|5|1|0|9|

I tried =text type formulas with the idea of extrapolating which
places I needed for the respective boxes, but that is not working out

Ideas greatly appreciated.

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