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Default Insert from different worksheet based on time

OK so here is my problem that I hope you can help with. At work we have what is called a “daily task List (DTL)” for the employees to do throughout there shift with each DTL being different on each day of the week.
What I am trying to do is load is input everything into a timing worksheet (the image in yellow) and have is auto-populate correctly into each of the seven different worksheet. Let me explain in more detail below:

Ryan, Moe and Nick, who are opening need to be inserted into the yellow highlighted area. AS you can see though there are 5 spots so I need the inserting to go back to the beginning and start at the top of the openers.
I then need the orange to be filled with both Openers and Mids while the green needs to be filled with Mids and Closers.
I can send the excel spreadsheet if you need it. Also if you need more clarification please ask
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