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Default Count specific characters in a cell

The text strings I have to deal with are actually fairly long. I have been
converting them to text and importing them into Excel as delimited files
using the desired character as the delimiter. I then have to sort and tag
the data and then reassenmble the text strings. Although this works, it is
very tedious. There must be a better way.

Thank you,
John Gregory

"Arceedee" wrote:

It can be done by splitting the data into separate columns and then using a
countif formula but that may not be feasable in the s/s. If you have a whole
column of similar data then it's simple to use the Text to Columns feature.
More info would help.

I hope someone can come up with a way because that would be helpful to me

"JGreg7" wrote:

Is there a way to count the number of times a specific character occurs in a
specific cell?

For example, if cell A1 has "ABC123ABC" and I wanted to count the number of
occurances that "A" showed up, and wanted the out put to be in B1. In this
example the desired result would equal "2".

Thank you,
John Gregory