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Peo Sjoblom
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1. If you are self employed you own the rights to a spreadsheet you develop
but not if you did it for use in a company you work(ed) for even if you did
it in your spare time.
However since you are saying it is built on an already existing template you
might want to check out the EULA and the small print regarding this

2. You can try but anyone that knows how to search google should be able to
crack anything you come up with. So it's not a very good idea..
But here's an example


Peo Sjoblom

"dow" wrote:

I have two questions. The first is about getting copyright or some other
protection for a worksheet. The second is about incorporating a disabling
feature in the worksheet.

BACKGROUND: I have developed an excel worksheet that would be used as a
selling tool for a specific type of loan. The worksheet would be used by
representatives of companies that offer this type of loan. The worksheet
incorporates the use of the Excel template: "loan calculator with extra
payments". The calculator has been modified. It is my intention to sell the
worksheet to companies that offer the loan. I would like to offer it on a
trial basis.

1ST QUESTION: Is it possible to get copyright or some other type of
If yes, could you offer guidance? If no, why not, and do you have any other

2ND QUESTION: Is possible to incorporate a disabling feature into the
worksheet? Specifically, I am thinking of something that would cause the
worksheet to stop functioning after a period of time such as 30 days, and
also display a message regarding the disabling. The disabling feature should
not be defeatable.

Thank you for your help.