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Jan Karel Pieterse
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Hi Dow,

1ST QUESTION: Is it possible to get copyright or some other type of
If yes, could you offer guidance? If no, why not, and do you have any other

You can ensure your macro code is invisible: IN the VBE select Tools,
vbaProject properties and click the protection tab. Now check the lock project
for viewing box and enter a password.

Important note: This password is NOT secure, there is code available that can
crack the pw in splitseconds.

2ND QUESTION: Is possible to incorporate a disabling feature into the
worksheet? Specifically, I am thinking of something that would cause the
worksheet to stop functioning after a period of time such as 30 days, and
also display a message regarding the disabling. The disabling feature should
not be defeatable.

There are many ways to achieve that, starting with placing a text file with the
first install date somewhere and comparing to that file at each opening.


Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel MVP