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Default copyright and worksheet protection

I have two questions. The first is about getting copyright or some other
protection for a worksheet. The second is about incorporating a disabling
feature in the worksheet.

BACKGROUND: I have developed an excel worksheet that would be used as a
selling tool for a specific type of loan. The worksheet would be used by
representatives of companies that offer this type of loan. The worksheet
incorporates the use of the Excel template: "loan calculator with extra
payments". The calculator has been modified. It is my intention to sell the
worksheet to companies that offer the loan. I would like to offer it on a
trial basis.

1ST QUESTION: Is it possible to get copyright or some other type of
If yes, could you offer guidance? If no, why not, and do you have any other

2ND QUESTION: Is possible to incorporate a disabling feature into the
worksheet? Specifically, I am thinking of something that would cause the
worksheet to stop functioning after a period of time such as 30 days, and
also display a message regarding the disabling. The disabling feature should
not be defeatable.

Thank you for your help.