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sounds like what you want to do is highlight the entire section you want
sorted then hit sort -- and what column you want it sorted by. it will then
keep the info enter with the row you originally placed it

"Michael Blogg" wrote:

I have a particular group of cells within a sheet which I need to group
together and sort. However I need to keep the rows of information locked
together so when you sort the data it doesnt get all mixed up. Is there a
way to do this? If so, how?

If it is possible to do the above is it possible to have it to automatically
sort the information as your adding it into cells?

Is there a way that a "sort"
function can be set automatically for a group of particular cells?

For example;

I have set 6 columns on a spread sheet "Column B - Column G"

Say I have 150 rows of information starting at "Row 19 - 169"

However when I do sort all the data it jumbles all the information up. I
need to effectively lock the rows so the information doesn't get messed up.
So all the information in a row is tied to the first column and stays in
that order

Thank you for your time.