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Default Updating links to add-ins

Whenever a workbook is copied from one drive to another, Excel changes the
links path for the various add-ins being used. Bill Manville kindly provided
some code to help with updating these links when this happens (8/27/2009).

Part of the code is this....

With ActiveWorkbook
.ChangeLink stSourceName, Workbooks(stFileName).FullName
End With

When I manually run the routine that contains this statement, everything
works fine.

However, it doesn't work when this same routine is included in the
Worksheet_Open event processing that I run. During that process, the
..ChangeLink statement runs, and appears to update the link. Other UDF's are
then run, and I'm guessing it's because it is those that utilize the linked
file. Then the code returns to .Changelink line and attempts to update the
link again. It's at this time that a type mismatch error is returned, and
iappers to be impossible to trap this error.

Any idea of why this works differently in these two situations?