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Default 2003 Can I stop the 'update links' option when file is opened?

This is a feature. You can set the workbook to always update links but that
sounds like what you do not want to do. The other option is to write a
macro that opens the workbook and sets the option to update links to false

Sub Open_No_Update()
Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
"file and path here", UpdateLinks:=False
End Sub

Put the above in your personal xls file and assign it to a button for fast

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"ajnmxx" wrote in message
It seems I should be able to do this via the 'links' then 'startup
prompt' options. But whichever one of the three options here that I
choose seems to make no difference. When the file is saved and
reopened I'm still asked to update links again. The settings are
saved, so it still says "don't display the alert", but it does. Is
this a bug?