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Danniel Chen
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try to use the following functions together:

Address - create a reference based on specified workbook name, sheet name,
row and col numbers;
Offset - create a range based on specified cell, # of rows/columns.

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"jhlrtn" wrote:

I am trying to get data from another excel file which the filename is input
in a cell on the current worksheet. For instance to do this manually for
each cell you type "=SUM('[ITD 03_25_05 ACTUALS.xls]PS-04B ITD Direct Actual
Cost'!$AD$34:$AD$35)". But I want to only put ITD 03_25_05 ACTUALS.xls in
one cell and refence this cell in the formula. What syntax/ functions must I
use and/or can this be done?

Thank you