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Default waterfall chart

I want to create a waterfall chart wherein X axis is a time scale and Y axis
is % reduction in defects. there are say 50 initiatives which will reduce
over time of 2 years. the process will improve from 80% defects to say 5%
during this period. I want to create waterfall chart so that it will show
gradual reduction from 80% to 5% due to implementation of these initiatives.
The data is sorted with time line for implementation. so first bar will be of
initiative A and % improvement or reduction related with it and it will end
where the implementation date is. the second bar should start at this point
and have height equal to improvement potential and length upto its
implementation date. the data looks like this.

Initiative % time line
A 1.2 2nd Jan 2010
B 0.44 5th Feb 2010
C 4.2 4th April 2010
D 0.25 4th April 2010......................