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Dave Peterson
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If you promise never to want "market place", then you could use:
Tools|Autocorrect Options|Autocorrect tab

market place
in the "replace:" box

in the "with:" box

This autocorrect stuff is shared between office programs (word, excel,

Hans Emilio wrote:


When I run the spell check, Excel will not pick up certain words that are
perfectly fine if you spell check it, e.g. market place, but what i meant to
type what's marketplace. Is there any way that I could tell Excel to pcik up
these special words so that when I run the special check it will pick it up
and suggest the appropriate spelling or even better corrected to a predefine
criteria, such as if market place appears in a cell change it to marketplace.
I already have a list of predefine criterias where I want to replace certain
words that are "correctly" spell, but I want to change them to other
predefine words. That is change market place to marketplace, etc.

By the way I am using a macro to run the spell check and the macro coding is:
ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="xxxxx"
Cells.CheckSpelling CustomDictionary:="CUSTOM.DIC", IgnoreUppercase:=False _
, AlwaysSuggest:=True

ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="xxxxx"

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
Hans Emilio


Dave Peterson