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Default Cannot Add Error Bars for individual data points!

You don't need to define each point as its own series. Instead, plot the
data as the 0 hour and 24 hour series. In the next couple of cells,
enter the error bar values for each point in the same row as the plotted
average for each point. Format each series to use the appropriate column
for its custom error bar values.

Here is further information:

Error Bars in Excel Charts

Error Bars in Excel 2007

- Jon
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Smirkus wrote:
I work in a research lab, and need to make a simple column chart. However,
each column is an average value so error bars are needed. Not only that, but
I have subsets of data-the same readings taken at different times.

Thus I have Null and Dose readings for 0 hours and 24 hours. I have nicely
gotten the 0 hour and 24 hour sets to become set apart in the graph display
with the proper Null and Dose values next to each other. The 0 and 24 hours
are written under the pairs of bars. However, I need to add error bars to
each bar individually, but Excel will only let me add to "series" of data,
which in this graph are the "null" and "dose" series.

So I tried to make each data point into its own series so I could add the
correct error bars, however, I then lost/cannot make any groupings in the
graph to denote "0 hour" and "24 hour" groups, and "null" and "dose" groups.