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Default Populate one column based on the dropdown choice of others

Thanks I can definitely use the dependent lists for the 1st part of this. In
the DEPARTMENT column, it would be nice if there is only a drop down choice
if a specific choice is selected. If I use the Indirect method, it still
lists a drop down arrow, it just will not allow you put something in that
column. It is functionally correct but a little misleading. Right now if
they choose "Internal" it gives them a drop down with choices. If they chose
something else, they still see the drop down arrow but just cannot enter

Thanks again. I am definitely on the correct path.

"Luke M" wrote:

Check out this site for creating dependent lists:

It's got several examples which are pretty easy to follow, and as they say,
a picture is worth a thousand words!
Best Regards,

Luke M
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"Nat" wrote:

Here is the situation. My friend sent me a spreadsheet in 03 format. He has
3 columns which are affected : REASON, SOURCE and DEPARTMENT. The REASON
column has 11 choices. If the user chooses 3 of those choices ("new",
"refund", or "service" he would like the SOURCE column to have the following
choices: TA, Direct Guest, but if the user selects any of the other 8 choices
in REASON column, he would like the SOURCE column to have the following
choices: "TA", "Direct Guest", "Internal". If the user sees the 3 choices in
the SOURCE column and selects "Internal", then he would like for there to be
a drop down in the DEPARTMENT column.

He has named the lists as follows Srce1(2 choices) or Srce2 (3choices) and

I saw an earlier post where someone did an IF(A2="New",Srce1) but i kept
getting errors when trying to add additional choices to "New"

Is there possibly a better way to accomplish this task?
Thanks a lot