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Hi Sam!

I initially tried to come up with a solution along those lines but was
unsuccessful. I don't know whether it's possible. However, I may be
able to provide you with another option.

Instead of filtering the data using Excel's built-in filter, you may be
able to do so using Aladin's formula system. Then, you could have my
formula applied against this filtered data.

So, basically, here's how it would work. In another part of your
worksheet or a separate sheet, you would input your criterion or
criteria, a filtered list would be generated, and my formula would
automatically return the desired results.

If you're interested in this approach, please provide me with the
criteria involved in filtering your data and I'll see what I can do.

Hope this helps!

In article ,
"Sam via" wrote:

Hi Domenic,

I've taken another look at my scenario and what I'm trying to achieve with
the formula. I think if the cell references could possibly be replaced by
the use of the OFFSET and SUBTOTAL functions, perhaps the Count results
returned would reflect only the visible filtered data - maybe.

My thoughts behind using OFFSET is to negate the need for the current hard
coded cell referencing so that the formula sees the Rows of data in the
Column purely from a position of "Row above" and "Row below" or "Row below"
and "Row above." So that the actual cell Row reference will be immaterial,
if that's possible and the count will provide the correct results for
visible filtered data?

Is the above possible?