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Default FREQUENCY with multiple criteria

You need to test the results!

=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF((C:C=A5)*(E:E=5)*(F:F=4),D:D) ,D:D),1))

This formula needs to be entered as an array, although you will get a result
if you don't it is very likely incorrect - it will be off by 2 in most cases,
with a large data set you won't notice that, but.... However, if you enter
it as an array in 2003 you it will return a #NUM! error because you are
referencing the entire column. In 2007 that won't happen.

Also, this formula may return a #VALUE! error if the entry in A5 is numeric
and some of the entries in C:C are text.

If this helps, please click the Yes button.

Shane Devenshire

"PCLIVE" wrote:

I'd like to apply some additional criteria to this unique value count.


The array formula works ok without additional criteria. However, I'd also
like to include the rows where cells in E:E equal 5 and F:F equal 4. I've
done a SUMPRODUCT that would determine that without determining the unique
values, but I want to somehow combine the two.

Any ideas.