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Default Help with Analysing Data

Sorry that I didnt explain it properly, the companies that show 0 I dont want
to show its record, so not show the company, and not show the amount.

I hope this answers your question.


"JCS" wrote:

Hi Kim,

Don't really understand the problem you are having. It sounds like you are
getting the right results except for the 0 for those companies who didn't
spend money. If you are concerned about the 0 displaying get rid of it by:

1. right click on the pivot table
2. Select Table Options
3. Under Format Options, delete the 0 in the "For empty cells, show:"

If this helps, please press Yes


"KimC" wrote:


I'm a bit at a stand still with how to work this.
I have a sheet with quite a number of information.
But to simplify it, I have a column with company name, amount they spent in
quarter one.

What I need to find is the companies who spend money in quarter one, and how
much they spend.

I'm trying to use a pivot table for this, but i just cant seem to get it
right - it lists all the companies and the ones who didnt spend anything have
a 0 listed next to them.

Thanks in advance;