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JE McGimpsey
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You had two people answer you yesterday. If those answers didn't help,
mention why in your post rather than simply reposting.

If you can't find your post, you can always look it up in the archives:*excel*

Use your name or email address in the Author field.

Just one other question - do you have an "=" sign at the beginning of
your formula?

In article ,
"David F" wrote:

I have the following statement in cell E38:
E38's format is 'General'.
The E38 shows the formulas instead of the calculated values (value_if_true
and value_if_false), regardless of whether C38 contains 0, 1 or left blank.
Under any of those C38 values, E38 is stubborn whether I have the '=' before
the ROUND or not and whether I specify the value_if_false (0) or not. H38
also contains a legitimate value.

In the life of me, I could not figure out why this IF statement does not

Any idea?