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Dave Peterson
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Did you use Data|Subtotal to add the =subtotals()?

If yes, then I'd remove those subtotals, add the new person, sort the data and
reapply data|subtotals.

If you do this lots of times, you may want to record a macro when you do it.

David wrote:

Using XL2000:

I have a single page spreadsheet (needed for SubTotal() to work), separated
into 65 sheets via Page Break Preview. The top cell of each page in Col A
contains the student's name (last name, first name). If I add a student,
how can I then sort the pages by the student's last name?

Acceptable alternative: Have each student on their own page with sheets
named Lastname Firstname, sort those, and still be able to Subtotal in
cells on those sheets, then Grand Total on a separate sheet.



Dave Peterson