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Default Plotting Multiple Values per System in Chart


I need to chart 3 components for systems on a chart as follows:

System A
Current Capacity
Current Utilization
Planned Capacity

System B
Current Capacity
Current Utilization
Planned Capacity

And so on...

I set up a chart to display the first item over the course of 12 months, so
I have Jan - Dec on the horizontal access and the capacity unit of
measurement on the vertical. My data looks like this:

System Jan Feb Mar...
A 1000 1000 1000
B 2500 2500 2500
C 1500 1500 1500

How can I add the other components so they show up in the chart and are
labeled correctly? I would like months along the horizontal, the capacity
units along the veritical as done now. I would then like the lines on the
chart to reflect "system a current cap", "system a planned cap", and "system
a current util".

Is this possible?