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Default Excel 07 breaking links

Hi Lisa,
I saw your other post as well.
The forward slash "/" is UNC convention.
The backslash "\" is windows path convention.

I would say Excel is confused as to what the link should be if your seeing both slashes.

C:\ will assumed to be a drive on the local machine, unless your company has mapped "C:" as a network drive you will run into

You mentioned hyperlinks. Are the hyperlinks or Excel links?

Stick with //server/share to avoid problems. You never know when a drive is going to get remapped.


"LisaK" wrote in message ...
I'm not sure I agree with this. We've been using links in this way for
years, and it has worked. The document is being opened by people within the
group, not being sent outside the company or anything like that. Maybe I'm
missing something, as I don't find this answer to be clear.

"Jeff Gordon" wrote:

"LisaK" wrote in message
We have a document on a shared drive that we update often and hyperlink to
other documents. Currently, I created a link to a Word doc but when I
it to a colleague, her link looks for the doc on her C drive. We've done
this many times with no problem. We have removed and retried creating the
link several times, have moved it to a higher level folder on the shared
drive, and have gone to the drive and found the doc, just to be sure it
put in the right place. Does anyone know what this problem might be?

You have to save it somewhere on hard-drive and reopen it. If you open
attachments from email, then the link does not work. Otherwise, if you have
sent just a hyperlink like - file://C:\\Shared folder\Shared document.doc -
then it open that from local drive. I prefer this version - \\server\shared
folder\Shared document.doc -.

Anyway, any of those does not open anything, if you have made link to a Word
document and you have opened that as attachment from mail. Hope this give
an advice?