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Don Guillett
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Not trying to be rude. Trying to help you learn to think for yourself. You
got answers in the previous post that should?? let you figure it out. We do
try to help here but you must help yourself also. Look in HELP index for IF
and search the archives for IF. Also, get Ron's google search addin

to help you search. You WILL feel better figuring it out for yourself after
you were steered in the proper direction. One good way is to break down your
formulas until you get something that works and then put them together. Here
you asked the same question as you had asked originally....

Glad to help.

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software

"Rochelle B" wrote in message
That was pretty rude Don...

Sorry that I haven't got the 'nesting' thing down - to figure it out for
myself. I thought that's why this online help is here. The first time I

about nesting, I wasn't explaining myself thoroughly and clearly. I wasn't
even sure of what I needed. Poor Arvi, I must of really sent himm for a


Then the other questions were in regards to 1 cell, doing 1 IF function,
based on the criteria. Now I need this 1 cell to do 1 of three

based on 1 of 3 different criterias and without returning a #value!

To be honest, this is my first attempt at nesting. I believe I am having a
parenthesis problem.

"Don Guillett" wrote:

Go back to your other question and use the answers to figure it out

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software

"Rochelle B" wrote in message
I need to nest these 3 if functions into 1 cell.

Without excel wanting to multiply all three?

All of you have provided great help today? Can this one be tackled