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Phil Hageman
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John and Jon,

Extracting values for a new series works great. I'm using this technique in
charts with linier, log, and polynomial trendlines. After creating the new
series, the line is smoothed, drop lines and data labels added. Neat! Is
there a way to delete some of the new drop lines? I tried Y-bars too and
couldn't figure how to delete some of them.

"Jon Peltier" wrote:

I presumed since Phil was making a trendline, he was using an XY Scatter chart type.
Otherwise the trendline might be less useful. That is why I suggested adding an XY
Scatter series, and since these do not support drop lines, I suggested error bars.

- Jon
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John Mansfield wrote:


Yes, you can individually color data labels. If you click on any data label
once, you will select all of the labels within the series. Click again and
you will select the individual label. In effect, double-click on the data
label to select it. Then use the fill-color icon or other formatting tools
to format the label.

I don't believe you can add drop down bars to a trendline via Excel's normal
trendline options. However, you can extract the formula for the trendline
via the "Display Equation on Chart" option and then plot data points using
the formula just like you would plot your normal data. You can then add
drop-down bars to the new plotted trendline.

For example, add the following data to a spreadsheet . . .

a 4
b 3
c 5
d 6

Create a normal line chart, add a linear trendline to the series, and use
the "Display Equation on Chart" option. The equation returned should be

y = ( 0.8 * x ) + 2.5

Using x =1, X=2, X=3, and X=4, extract the data points for the trendline.
They should be 3.3, 4.1, 4.9, and 5.7. Now delete the trendline. Plot a
second line series in the chart with the new trendline points. It should
look just like the original trendline did. Double-click on the second series
to get the Format Data Series dialog box. Go to Options - Drop Lines to add
the drop lines.

John Mansfield

"Phil Hageman" wrote:

Two questions:

Is it possible to individually color format Data Labels?

Can drop lines somehow be added to a trend line?

Thanks, Phil