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Default Skipping cells while reorganizing data

Everyday I take five sample of a chimical product. I take the reading for
temperature and conductivity on the controller and then use excel to
calculate solid ratios. The 5 samples give 5 different ratios. I then make
the average of these 5 ratios in a merged 5 cells.

I end up with 5 cells contening the same conductivity value, 5 cells
contening the same temperature value and 5 cells merge in one contening the
average ratio.

I want to reorganize the data so I have one conductivity value, one
temperature value and the average ratio.

Is there a formula I can use to select one cell, then set the next one as 5
cell further, then a nother 5 cell further, and so on...?

Can I use a dynamic named range to do that?

I tried wirting the firt cells I wnated and then drag down but it doesn't

Since the merged cell are equivalent to have 1 cell with data and 4 cells
empty, I tried the "No Blanks" formula from cpearson
( but I can't make the code work.

Thanks for your help