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Thanks Duke,

I had thought of using a macro button, but wondered of it could just convert
to editable text using a recognised excel function, but perhaps not.

Thanks for responding.


"Duke Carey" wrote:

If you are doing this all at once, then:
1) copy your formula to all the relevant rows/columns
2) select the cells with the formula
3) Copy
4) without moving the selection, right click and choose Paste SpecialValues

If you are doing it one set of entries at a time, then you either use a
macro or do it manually. You can record the macro, but be sure to tell it to
use relative references.

"Fozeye" wrote:


I want to allow text editing after concatenation (is that a word?). So I
want to collate text entries from various cells on the worksheet and display
them in a single cell, so I have used the Concatenate formula. I can manually
convert the text to an editable format by copying the cell and pasting it
back into the same cell as "value" only. Does anyone know of an automatic way
of achieving the same result?