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OOops..WE have SP2 and the other office where it works has SP3...sorry about
the confusion.

"Meagan" wrote in message
I have an excel file with a few worksheets. Sometimes (But this does not
happen every time) after I run a macro that takes data from other files and
puts it onto a worksheet in the current file, after I save and close the
current file and then reopen the file, it comes up blank. I can still view
my vb code, but I cannot see the actual spreadsheets unless I go to
View--Full screen and then reduce the view with the minimize icon on the
little toolbar that pops up. What really makes this odd, is that a friend
in another lab can run the macro and open the file at his place with no
problems. I sent it to someone else in my office and they also could not
open it. Our office has Excel 2002 with SP-3 and the other office with
EXCEL 2002 SP3 works OK. Has anyone seen this before and is there something
I can do besides having to go into View to reset it? Would installing SP-3
make a difference?
Thanks for any help.