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Default Mass edit Hyperlinks

TR Young wrote:
the routine runs correctly, but the hyperlinks
aren't updating

Presumably the stFind you specified is not matching the start of the
hyperlink addresses you wanted to change. Could be a case-sensitivity
issue. Try:
If InStr(LCase(H.Address), LCase(stFind)) = 1 Then

If that still doesn't do it, get it to tell you what the Address is
that it is finding:

For Each H In oSheet.Hyperlinks
Debug.Print H.Address
If InStr(LCase(H.Address), LCase(stFind)) = 1 Then
H.Address = stReplace & Mid(H.Address, Len(stFind) + 1)
End If

I assume you are remembering to save the modified workbook having made
the changes<g.
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