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Default How to make a cents symbol in Excel 2007

I can't type in the number. When I press down the Alt key (and hold it down)
and then try to type the number 0162, it just beeps. I can't enter in the
Scott in Salt Lake

"Lorne" wrote:

"Scott Salt Lake" wrote in message
I read a comment about using Alt + 0162 to make a cents symbol (c with a
slash through it). But it was for Excel 2003. I tried it in Excel 2007
just got beeps for an error. How do you do it in 2007?
Scott in Salt Lake

It should work in any program, Alt-0162 is the code to display a cents
symbol in most common fonts.

Are you using a font that uses this code for something else? Try using a
common font like Arial and see if it works.