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Default Productivity Log

Is each employee doing their log in an individual workbook or do they simply
have a worksheet assigned to them inside a master workbook? Is your now
manually created log in this master workbook or in a workbook of its own?
What and where are the weighting numbers of the Hard, Medium and Easy
categories located at? It is always a good idea, when asking questions
online, to keep in mind that no one online knows your particular business
model, so providing details as to what the parts of it (relevant to your
question) look like is always advisable.


"drew" wrote in message
Ok, I have a difficult scenario. I have all of these folks entering all
work they have done throughout the week into a log. I then take their
report and input it into a scorecard. This is a very manual process and I
have inherited it. Any suggestions on how to better automate this.

Here are the steps I take.

I have employee input the work they did throughout the week into a simple
excel log like so:

Hard Medium Easy
ABC Inc 06/17/08 X
ZZZ Inc 06/17/08 X
CCC Inc 06/17/08 X

Then each week, I take this information and manually input it to a
log which automatically calculates different scores based upon scoring of
hard/easy etc. I then automatically rank them and the final report looks
something like this.

Score Rank
Employee 1 195 1
Employee 2 130 2

Since we have over 50 employees doing this each week it is very manual.
suggestions on automating this ?