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Jim May
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Do a Search/find on your local C: drive for *.xlt
this should produce any and all excel templates found.
If you don't find any then you will need to "roll-your-own".
Open a fresh workbook - get everything looking the
way you want it - (set the defaults) - then do a File Save As
look for a folder under your Excel installation named
XLStart << any *.xlt files in this folder will auto-load as
Excel is opened. save it as an .xlt (type file) in the XLStart folder.
Name it -- Book.xlt
Close out of Excel Completely
Re-open Excel and it should automatically create "Book1" from
your Book.xlt file (which goes undisturbed). Edit Book.xlt as desired
always saving as XLT type.

If you have any *.xlt files that you found copy and paste into
the XLStart folder

You need first to "create" a template if one doesn't exist
"Don Guillett" wrote in message
Am I missing something or will filesaveas help you

Don Guillett
SalesAid Software

"Shady" wrote in message
how do I create and use a new spreadsheet based on a template?