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Default Formula for evaluating predictions - Fantasy Football League

No problem for the help. Im not very familiar with Open Office. I tested it
on an excel sheet and it worked perfectly. Let me know if you have any
problems in the actual excel sheet.

"gavin" wrote:

"akphidelt" wrote in message
Let me see if I get this.

Say you have


So the first row is saying I predict the away team wins 5 to 2. The
was the away team won 4 to 3. So in cell E or wherever you want you can
up a formula.

=IF(AND(A1=C1,B1=D1),4,IF(AND(A1=B1,C1=D1),2,IF(OR (AND(A1B1,C1D1),AND(A1<B1,C1<D1)),1,0)))

If you put this formula in cell E1 or wherever you start the scores and
copy and paste it down to the bottom it will evaluate all the games and
you the scores.

Thanks so much for that. I've just tried it on my home PC where I'm running
Open Office and I'm getting a #Name? error - I don't know if that is
peculiar to OO? I'm just about to fire up my work laptop which has Excel on
it and I'll report back.

Thanks again for your time.