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Default Formula for evaluating predictions - Fantasy Football League

Let me see if I get this.

Say you have


So the first row is saying I predict the away team wins 5 to 2. The outcome
was the away team won 4 to 3. So in cell E or wherever you want you can right
up a formula.

=IF(AND(A1=C1,B1=D1),4,IF(AND(A1=B1,C1=D1),2,IF(OR (AND(A1B1,C1D1),AND(A1<B1,C1<D1)),1,0)))

If you put this formula in cell E1 or wherever you start the scores and then
copy and paste it down to the bottom it will evaluate all the games and give
you the scores.

"gavin" wrote:

I'm trying to do an Excel spreadsheet to work out the points awarded to the
participants of a Fantasy Football League (where you predict match scores
and get points based on the actual match result). I expect this has been
done many times using Excel but I wanted to have a go anyway!

I'm having problems evaluating part of the formula which works out the
points for each match. The part in question should evaluate if the predicted
result is correct but the score is not whether a home win, away win or a
draw. This is proving much harder to do than I thought when I said I'd try
and do it!

The scoring system will be 4 points if the result and score is predicted
correctly, 2 points if a draw is predicted but the score is incorrect and 1
point if the result is correct (apart from a draw) but the score is wrong.

The spreadsheet would have 4 columns for entering the predictions and the
results. Columns A and B would be for the home team and away teams predicted
score and columns C and D for the actual scores.

Does anyone have a clue what I'm even talking about - or hopefully have any
solutions? The more I think about it the more it's frying my brain :-)