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I have a conversion chart for Automatic Temperature Compensation.
factors vary, it depends on temperature.
e.g. - if product temp = 0 c , then Factor is 1.0187
" = -1 c , then Factor is 1.0199
from -15 c to +30 c ....
I want to eliminate the chart with a formula
so type in the product temp and get the factor. (46 factors)


one chart with three different factor (720 factors)

"Niek Otten" wrote:

I find it difficult to see why you need 50 nested functions. Can you give us
a description of what problem you are trying to solve (rather than a


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Niek Otten

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"GrandCentral" wrote in message
I'm trying to setup a worksheet to convert factors for product
I need to nest 50 or so functions...Any suggestions?