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Default Desperately in need of some help

I am trying to automate what has been a manual process. The assumption
was that the app that we get the data from could not export to
something that excel or access could use. The app can output the data
and so I would like to use excel to do a couple of things. This is for
excel 2003.

First, I need to highlight a row based on the value in one cell. I
have tried the conditional formatting but all I get is the A column
cell with the highlight even if I have selected A5:H5 I have tried to
test for the value in a cell or the result of a formula with the same

The second thing I would like to do is copy values to a second sheet
within the same workbook. The second worksheet would detail absence
for a year and would look at 3 types of leave. I understand that I
would have to somehow test that the date in column 1 of sheet 1 is
(greater than or equal to Jan 1and less than or equal to Dec 31) AND
(hat the value in column F="Cert"). I get that I would have to repeat
that for the years that are desired and for the different types of
absence. What I don't get is how to do it.

Is this even possible in Excel? Do I need to use Access instead? I am
reasonable computer savvy but not great on Excel.

Appreciate any help I can get! Thank you.