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Harlan Grove
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"GrandCentral" wrote...
I'm trying to setup a worksheet to convert factors for product inventory...
I need to nest 50 or so functions...Any suggestions?

And now for something completely different . . .

If you also had OpenOffice installed, its spreadsheet, Calc, accomodates
more than 7 nested function call levels, and such formulas *CAN* be saved in
..XLS files *AND* Excel will eveluate them correctly. TESTED & CONFIRMED!
However, you can't edit such formulas in Excel. It's not a limitation of
Excel's recalc facility or its file format. It's purely a limitation imposed
by Excel's obviously ancient formula parser.

That said, you could almost certainly use a lookup of some sort to do what
you want. Also, even if Excel did provide more than 7 levels of nested
function calls, 50 nested IFs would likely hit Excel's limit of 1024 on the
character length of cell formulas.