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Default Excel Files Acting Weird

I am having the same problems Excel files not being able to open from e-mail
attachments. I tried the unregserver and regserver as mentioned in the
previous posting but no luck. Any ideas?


"Befuddled" wrote:

Dave, the LAN guys tried those commands and nothing happened. They had pretty
much given up and moved on when I thought of looking in File Types again.

"Dave Peterson" wrote:

One of the things that the /unregserver and /regserver stuff (that Gord
suggested) does is to fix the registry entries for excel--including what you did

(I find running those two commands much safer than playing in the File Types

Befuddled wrote:

Figured out why I was having trouble with emailed Excel files. Went into My
Computer/Tools/Folder Options/File Types. XLS was referred to as an XLS File
instead of a Microsoft Excel Worksheet. DDE codes were missing. When I opened
and examined XLB aka Microsoft Excel Worksheet, the DDE codes for "New",
"Print" and "Printto" magically transmorgified to XLS and Voila! I'm back in


"Befuddled" wrote:

I just got upgraded to WinXP and Excel 2000 (SP-3). Now when I try to copy
cells from a worksheet in one workbook to a worksheet in a second workbook,
Excel is treating the copied cells as MS Excel Worksheet Objects, and
formulas are not being copied. Also Excel files opened from email attachments
are re-opening Excel so I can't tile two files. All of these problems only
cropped up this week when I got the upgrades.



Dave Peterson