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Default SUMIFS formula using dates and text as criteria

=SUMIFS(C1:C4,A1:A4,DATEVALUE("1/1/2008"),B1:B4,"rent") or
or even =SUMIFS(C1:C4,A1:A4,"="&DATEVALUE("1/1/2008"),B1:B4,"="&"rent")

Excel defaults to a comparison for equality unless otherwise specified.
Thats why you can leave out the equal sign as in the first formula.
Column C is summed if the date in column A is 1/1/2008 and the corresponding
entry in column B is Rent. You can also put the date in a cell like E1 and
substitute E1 for the DATEVALUE function and put Rent in, say, F1 and put F1
instead of "rent" in the formula.


"Trish" wrote in message
I am trying to sum column C using two criteria - dates, column A and text
"Rent" in Column B. Nothing I have tried works with the dates. Any


12/1/07 Rent $500.00
12/31/07 Misc $100.00
1/1/08 Rent $500.00
1/10/08 Misc $100.00