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Default Running Data Table using an input that triggers DDE linked data

I'm posting this again because I'm really hoping to get an answer.

I have a spreadsheet that is set up to pull up historical stock prices
dde links that is driven by the stock's ticker - e.g. MSFT

Once the prices are pulled into the spreadsheet, it calculates some
values -
to keep it simple, let's say it calculates a 5d, 20d and 50d moving

I want to create a data table that will use all the tickers I want to
at in the column on the left, and the three moving average periods in
row, looking something like this:
Moving Average Period (days)
A1 5 20 50
Stock MSFT
Ticker IBM

A1 is the cell reference to the formula that calculates the moving
Another cell, let's say B1 contains the current ticker, MSFT, and that
is the
column reference for the stock tickers in the table, and, let's say C1
contains the current moving average period, 5 (days).

When I build the data table, even though I can see the spreadsheet
through the motions of "calculating" for each row and column in the
table, only the current ticker is used by the data table. The row
(moving average period) works fine.

But I end up with a data table that has the first row (in this
because it is the same as the current value in the Ticker cell B1) of
correct, but just repeated all the way down for each ticker. That is,
remaining tickers show the MSFT calculations in their rows.

I've got a reasonable amount of experience, and I know (and have
that my data table settings are fine.

Is it possible to do this? Because the calculations done on the stock
prices are really not this simple, and involve alot of data through
the DDE,
I don't want to have to build a repeated calculation model for each
(because we're talking alot more than three).

Hope this explains what I'm trying to do. I wondered if it was the
DDE link
that causes the problem (works fine for the current link, and I can
see it
"resetting" through every iteration of the data tabel calculation). I
thought it may be that data tables will only accept numerical inputs.

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.