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Debra Dalgleish
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You can't format part of a formula result.

Perhaps you could use conditional formatting instead. For example, if
the formula is in cell D5:

Select cell D5
Choose FormatConditional Formatting
From the first dropdown, choose Formula Is
In the formula box, type: =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("increase",D5))
Click the Format button
On the Font tab, select a font colour and style, e.g. Green, Bold
Click OK, click Add
For the second condition, use the formula:
and use a different font colour.

Rita Palazzi wrote:
Windows XP Professional
Office 2000

I have a formula that produces a sentence based on the value of a cell:

=IF(H18=0,CONCATENATE("Shpt Volume Increased ",TEXT(H18,".0%"),"
Y-O-Y"),CONCATENATE("Shpt Volume Decreased ",(TEXT(-H18,".0%"))," Y-O-Y"))

I want the word "Increased" or the word "Decreased" to be bold in the
resultant cell. Does anyone know the correct way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide!

Rita Palazzi
Senior Engineer / Global Trade Services
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Debra Dalgleish
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