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Default How can I combine two formulas Left/Mid/Right + Substitute?

No problem, Rick. I wasn't offended, and I'm always willing to learn
different & easier ways.

Thanks for the feedback.

"Rick Rothstein (MVP - VB)" wrote in
message ...
I suggested my solution wasn't the most elegant :-) Thanks for the

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't suggesting that your code was inelegant or
that my code was in some way "better" than yours; rather, I just though
you (and the readers of this thread) might find the little used (known?)
user-defined character formatting ability for the Format command of some

As a matter of interest, is your code changing the layout of the data in
the cell, or just applying a format?

Since my code is only modifying a small part of your code, it will do
exactly what your code does.