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Debra Dalgleish
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Right-click a sheet tab, and choose 'Select All Sheets'
Choose ViewHeader and Footer
Click the Custom Footer button
In the Centre section, type: A-
Click the Page number button
Click OK

With all the pages still selected, click the Print button.
When finished printing, right-click a sheet tab, and choose
Ungroup Sheets

Andy wrote:

I have about 30 some worksheet that I need to put consecutive page numbers.
I have only one page per worksheet, but problem is that it needs to be custom
page numbering. I would like to know if anyone has an idea about how to
setup an automated page numbering for all worksheets such that if I change
the first worksheet page number, then page number for all worksheets will
change in result of my first page number, consecutively. Ex. first page
number is A-1, the next should be A-2, and A-3, etc. I need and urgent help.


Debra Dalgleish
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