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Default list sheet names vertically below the active cell - need macro.

Try this:

Sub eddy_current()
Set r = ActiveCell
For i = 1 To Worksheets.Count
r.Offset(i - 1, 0).Value = Sheets(i).Name
End Sub

If this is what you want, just make a button from the Forms toolbox and
assign the macro to the button.
Gary''s Student - gsnu200747

"Eddy Stan" wrote:

I am having at least 45 sheets in few of my workbooks which i get daily, so
it is very difficult to find which sheet is missing. a simple macro to list
sheets would help a lot.

I need all the sheet names in the active workbook, listed one below the

Like if my active cell is c25, then when i run the macro, it must list all
the sheet names below c25 starting from c25 to c70 (45 sheet names)

i would like to put this macro in a control button.

if i could get this code before 1st october, will be much obliged.

if possible give to horizontally also, c25,d25,e25...

Eddy Stan