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Default How do i change font colors for different results in the same cel.

Yes. Look up conditional formatting in Excel help. Note that you'll need
the option for "Formula is" rather than "Cell Value is". Note also that you
need to be careful that Excel doesn't try to change the formula for you.
Start the formula with an = sign or else it'll probably start throwing quote
marks around. If you are using the formula across a range of cells you need
to be careful about the distinction between relative and absolute
addressing. When you've completed your conditional formatting, go back in
to make sure Excel hasn't changed it for you and that it's left you with the
formula you want.
It sounds like you need =Sum(E6:E15)100 for Blue and =Sum(E6:E15)<=100 for
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"kashof" wrote in message
for Expl:im using an IF formula: IF(Sum(E6:E15)100,TRUE,FALSE)
i want True value to be shown in same cell in Blue while False to be shown
in Red in same cell.can it be done???