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Default How do i change font colors for different results in the same cel.

Say the cell you want to conditionally format is E1.

In E1, enter this formula:


AND format E1 to a pattern of RED.

NOW, select E1 and from the menu bar:
<Format <Conditional Format
Change "Cell Value Is" to "Formula Is",
And enter the *same* formula in the right window:

Click on "Format",
And set the pattern color to BLUE,
Then <OK out.

E1 will now be RED, and display FALSE until the values in E6 to E15 are
greater then 100, which will change the display in E1 to TRUE, and change
the color to BLUE.


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"kashof" wrote in message
for Expl:im using an IF formula: IF(Sum(E6:E15)100,TRUE,FALSE)
i want True value to be shown in same cell in Blue while False to be shown
in Red in same cell.can it be done???